The Importance Of Regular Roof Inspections In Arizona

published Oct 5th, 2021

Why Getting Your Roof Inspected Is a Crucial Part Of Home Maintenance

Having your home’s roof inspected is one of those things that everyone knows they should get done, but for a variety of reasons, they put it off and never get it scheduled. However, getting a roof inspected isn’t just a good idea; it’s essential home maintenance that can extend the life of your roof and also protect your home from disaster.

A top rated Mesa roofing contractor shares some reasons why getting your Arizona roof inspected regularly is a crucial part of home maintenance.

A Professional Roofing Contractor Doing a Roof Inspection In Mesa, AZ.

Prevent Expensive Damage to Your Roof

Homeowners know that damage from a storm or other disasters can be extensive, leaving you with hefty and unexpected repair bills. But ignoring small repairs until they become major problems can be even more expensive. Getting your roof inspected regularly by a Mesa roofing company is a key way to save money on home repair, because small issues can be discovered and corrected before they turn into big problems.

During your home’s roof inspection, your contractor will do a thorough examination of every area of your roof. Small cracks, degradation of roofing materials, and detached flashing are just a few examples of the damage that can be found during a routine roofing inspection. All of these problems can lead to rot, mold, water damage, or pest infestation.

Save yourself a lot of money by addressing problems early before they become more severe and create more extensive damage. If roofing problems in your home are ignored, your attic and entire home are prone to major damage, which can include rotted wood in your home’s structure, weakened joists, mold growth behind drywall, and termite infestation. If the damage spreads throughout your home, your repair or remediation bills will increase exponentially. Do yourself a favor and schedule an inspection with Mesa residential roofing!

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Once a damaged roof begins to fail, it won’t be able to serve its function of helping to regulate the temperature in your home. Unfortunately, you may not notice the issue right away. Instead, you may discover that your energy bills are gradually increasing, maybe as slowly as just a few dollars each month. However, as your roof’s problems get worse, the energy bills will continue to increase. Over time, this will add up to a lot of money. 

When you get your roof professionally inspected, you’ll be able to find and repair the problems that are sabotaging your home’s energy efficiency. Your residential roofing expert can not only find these areas of damage and repair them, but can make suggestions to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Sometimes this includes getting a roof replacement – a large expense, but an investment that will continue to protect your home’s energy efficiency year after year.

Get Better Home Insurance Rates

Many homeowners are frustrated with the expense of their home insurance and are looking for ways to reduce their rates. The good news is that investing in regular home maintenance, including routine roof inspections, has the potential to save you a lot of money on your insurance. The return information and protection that you gain from a roof inspection far outweighs the cost of getting it done.

Some insurance companies may even require routine inspections to maintain your coverage. If you choose not to get the inspection done, you could find yourself paying out of pocket for the entire bill if a problem is later discovered that could have been prevented. If that is the case for your insurance company, scheduling a routine roof inspection with Mesa roof repair is definitely a smart decision!

Hire a Top Rated Roofer In Mesa

You know that annual roof inspections by a professional roofing will help keep your roof in top condition and prolong its life, saving you money on major repairs or premature replacement. When you schedule your roof inspection, look for the top rated professionals near you so that you know you are putting your home in competent hands. You definitely want to hire someone who is experienced, has a solid reputation, and is dedicated to their work. 

If your roof is in need of an inspection, contact the experts at The Roofing Company, INC . With over 36 years of reliable service in the East Valley, you can feel confident that your home will be getting only the best care. Our roofers work with both residential and commercial properties, and all types of roofs. Whether you’re looking for repair, replacement, maintenance, or an inspection, we are ready to help! Contact The Roofing Company INC today to schedule your consultation.


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