Crucial Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips To Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

published Aug 12th, 2021

How a Mesa Roofing Contractor Can Help Your Commercial Roof Last Longer

The roof is an extremely important part of any commercial building, protecting the interior of the building from the elements and strengthening the structure of the framing. Regular maintenance on your commercial roof will help prevent problems that can damage your building and correct small issues before they turn into big ones.

Over time, small areas of damage and a lack of maintenance will compromise the integrity of your roof. It’s smart to pay attention to minor problems in your commercial building’s roof and have a Mesa roofing contractor repair any problems so you can prolong your roof’s lifespan.

How a Mesa Roofing Contractor Can Help Your Commercial Roof Last Longer

No matter what age your commercial is, routine inspections for damage are an important part of your building maintenance. There are many different options to repair and extend the life of your commercial building’s roof when damage is minor. One popular option is a silicone or acrylic application that seals the entire surface of your building’s roof. These flexible and durable materials fill in all the cracks so your roof will continue to protect your building. However, basic maintenance and inspection is the best way to promote the health of your roof.

Here are some commercial roof maintenance tips from a Mesa roofing company:

Get Roof Leaks Repaired Immediately

Ignoring a leak in your roof may seem like a way to avoid a big expense, but it’s actually one of the worst things a building manager can do. Leaks never get better; they only get worse and more expensive. Not only will the roof need significant repair or replacement after a prolonged leak, but water damage will eventually cause damage to equipment and electrical systems inside the building. As soon as you notice signs of a roof leak, get it inspected and repaired right away.

Avoid Walking On Your Roof

It’s best to minimize traffic on your commercial building’s roof. Prolong your roof’s lifespan by installing walk pads, which will help stabilize the roof and prevent damage.

Get Your Roof Inspected Annually

At least once a year, have your inspected by Mesa roof repair so that any potential problems can be repaired before they become big (and costly) problems. You’ll want to have a detailed inspection to check for any leaks, cracks, sags, or weak spots, especially around vents, skylights, eaves, and joints, which are more prone to hidden damage that could compromise the roof’s function.

Keep Your Gutters & Drains Clear

It’s easy for debris to accumulate inside the drainage system of your roof even if there are no nearby trees. Clean your building’s gutters and drain systems regularly to avoid clogging, which will lead to backups, leaks, and other roofing problems that could have been prevented.

Keep Your Commercial Building’s Roof Clean

It may be a pain to get onto the roof of your commercial building, but it’s important to keep it clean so that debris doesn’t accumulate. Buildup on your roof can cause clogs or the growth of algae and mold. Any of these problems weakens your roofing materials.

Check Your Roof After Storms

If you experience a storm with high winds or hail, your roof may sustain damage. Sometimes this damage is hidden to the untrained eye, so consider hiring a Mesa roofing contractor to do the inspection for you, especially if a storm has been severe.

Prune Nearby Tree Branches

It’s nice to have shade next to your building, but tree limbs can cause significant damage if they break during a storm. Reduce your roof’s risk of damage by keeping tree branches trimmed. You’ll also avoid gutter backup from leaves, nuts, branches, and other tree debris.

Keep Roof Equipment Functioning

Malfunctioning equipment on your roof, such as leaking air conditioning units, unsealed vents, and faulty wiring can damage your roof, ultimately causing harm to your employees and your assets inside the building. Make sure everything on your roof is in good working order so your roof stays strong and secure.

Hire a Professional Commercial Roofing Contractor

Find a Mesa roofing company  near you who is licensed, bonded, and insured, and has the experience to handle all of your commercial roofing needs. Ask for references and a contract to make sure you’ve found the right company.

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