The 7 Most Common Signs That Your Flat Roof Needs To Be Replaced

published Aug 15th, 2022

Flat Roof Replacement: Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore

Flat roofs have become a common sight in today’s homes because they offer a low-maintenance roofing option compared with other types of roofs. However, flat roofs can also have problems like leaks or structural damage. The good news is that you can notice when those problems arise so that you can solve them on time.

If you suspect your flat roof has serious damage, seek professional assistance from a Mesa roofing contractor before the damage gets worse.

We also recommend you read these seven signs that let you know if your flat roof needs a replacement instead of a repair. 

Flat Roof Replacement: Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore

1. Pooling Water On The Roof

This is one of the most common issues flat roofs face. Pooling water causes irregular stress on the roof, leading to cracks that could cause other damage to the internal structure. Over time, the roof may shift, making it look unleveled and completely different from what it was at first. 

You will also see water pooling in dips and divots, giving you more to worry about. 

Flat roofs can stand up the water quite well, but as soon as you see a water pool, you must drain it to ensure it doesn’t seep into the roof’s layers. If you ignore it, it will harm the roof’s surface. 

2. Roof Blistering & Bubbling

Blistering and bubbling are caused by adhesion failure. The bubbles in your flat roof are usually filled with air or water. It could be a result of mediocre installation, bad insulation, or poor ventilation. 

If you notice these effects early, you will probably be able to deal with them. You’ll have enough time to call a Chandler roofing contractor, who will fix the issue with the required tools. If left untreated, the blisters and bubbles will get too big to be fixed. They can pop over time and leave holes in your roof that will make your home weaker. 

3. Roof Leaks

You must check your flat roof a few times a year to fix any lingering moisture issues. You can handle these issues effectively as long as you do it on time.

Like any other roof, a flat roof can leak if the water doesn’t have anywhere to go but down. Leaks can cause moisture to seep into the roof’s layers, leading to other issues like mold. 

The best way to avoid moisture is to have your roof inspected regularly. If you catch these problems early, the professional roofer will be able to let you know the best course of action.

4. Roof Cracks & Tears

Splits, cracks, and tears are easy to spot with an untrained eye, so they are easy to fix once you notice them. If you ignore a crack or split for too long, the chipboard will absorb water and turn the material to mush. The roof will be unsafe to walk on, and it won’t function as it should.

A Paradise Valley roofing contractor can fix cracks and tears in a few hours if they aren’t big. However, if the cracks or splits are all spread on the surface, it’s best to replace the flat roof. 

5. Roof Flashing Damage

Flat asphalt roofs tend to expand and contract if there are changes in the environment (including temperature). When left untreated, the contraction will make the flashing pull away from the edges of the roof. It will cause moisture to get trapped, causing leaks and cracks on your ceiling. 

You should not ignore this issue. Otherwise, your roof’s flashing could deteriorate, compelling you to replace the roof. 

6. Moss & Other Organic Growth

Lichens, algae, and moss may look like small problems, but they actually indicate that your roof needs attention. 

Organic growth on your roof damage means there’s water retention somewhere. If left unattended, it can do more damage to the internal structure of your home. 

7. Top Coat Problems

If you hear a fluttering sound coming from the roof, your top coating may be damaged. Therefore, the fluttering panels will expose materials underneath due to heavy rains. 

You shouldn’t ignore this issue either if you want to avoid replacing the roof.

Contact A Phoenix Roofing Contractor For A Professional Roof Replacement

Is your flat roof showing any of these signs? Maybe it’s time to contact the pros. At The Roofing Company INC, we can help you keep your roof in the best condition possible. We offer different roofing services, including repair and replacement. Call us now to request a quote! 



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