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When you’re searching for commercial roof repair or flat/foam roof repair in Arizona, The Roofing Company Inc. is your source for the very best commercial roof jobs. As commercial roofing contractors, we understand the unique challenges associated with commercial properties. We simply use the very best roofing products that fit your building, your needs, and your budget. We have completed work for a variety of commercial buildings in AZ. Request a free estimate and we would love to show you our past work!


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We offer roof repair for warehouses and commercial buildings with all types of roofing. From metal roofs to flat or foam roofing, we are your source for reliable roofing contractor in AZ. No matter what the problem is we will find it, fix it, and get the job done affordably and on schedule. See below for all the different types of commercial roofs we can repair or install.

Tile Roof
Flat & Foam Roof
Metal Roof

Tile Roofing

At The Roofing Company, we are renowned for our proficiency in providing tile roofing solutions, specifically designed for commercial buildings. Tile roofs offer a suite of benefits perfectly aligned with the multifaceted requirements of the corporate sector. These roofs are distinguished for their enduring resilience, ensuring that commercial properties are well-protected against various weather conditions over the years. The natural thermal resistance of tile roofs contributes significantly to energy efficiency, enabling businesses to optimize their energy expenditure. In addition to their robust nature, tile roofs accentuate the architectural aesthetics of commercial buildings with their classic and versatile designs. Their low maintenance and high durability make them a cost-effective investment for the long term. At The Roofing Company, our skilled professionals are dedicated to maximizing the intrinsic advantages of tile roofs, blending top-tier functionality with visual elegance. For businesses eyeing a mix of durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic grace, tile roofing is a premier selection.


Flat & Foam Roofing

At The Roofing Company, we specialize in flat and foam roofing solutions, particularly tailored for commercial buildings. These roofing types offer a plethora of advantages for the business sector. Flat and foam roofs are not only space-efficient, allowing for potential rooftop utilities or green spaces, but they also provide superior insulation, leading to significant energy savings. Their seamless design results in excellent waterproofing capabilities, safeguarding commercial assets from potential water damage. Moreover, the durability and minimal maintenance demands of flat and foam systems make them an economical choice in the long run. Our expert team at The Roofing Company is dedicated to ensuring commercial establishments benefit from the optimal performance and longevity of these roofing systems. For businesses aiming for a harmonious blend of cost-efficiency, functionality, and sustainability, flat and foam roofing emerges as a prime option.

Metal Roofing

At The Roofing Company, we take pride in our expertise in metal roofing solutions, especially crafted for commercial structures. Metal roofs bring forth a range of benefits tailored for the dynamic needs of the business domain. They not only offer robust protection against the elements, ensuring longevity, but their reflective properties also contribute to energy efficiency, potentially leading to reduced cooling costs. Moreover, metal roofs are fire-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions, further safeguarding commercial assets. Their durability combined with low maintenance requirements positions them as a cost-effective solution over time. Our proficient team at The Roofing Company is committed to ensuring that commercial entities reap the full benefits of metal roofing, delivering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. For enterprises seeking a blend of longevity, efficiency, and modern design, metal roofing stands as an exemplary choice.


At The Roofing Company, we excel in roof installation tailored specifically for new commercial builds. As structures designed for business purposes come with unique demands, it’s imperative to opt for roofing that ensures longevity, efficiency, and durability. Our expertise ensures that commercial establishments receive a roof that not only complements the architectural aesthetics but also provides robust protection against environmental challenges. The right roofing can significantly impact energy savings, safety, and building aesthetics. Our team is trained to integrate the latest roofing technologies with time-tested techniques, ensuring that new commercial constructions benefit from both innovative solutions and enduring reliability. For businesses seeking a seamless merger of form and function for their new build’s rooftop, The Roofing Company stands as a trusted partner in excellence.


At The Roofing Company, we’re adept at undertaking roof replacement projects tailored for commercial properties. Understanding the specific challenges and requirements of business facilities, we focus on delivering roofing solutions that stand the test of time. An outdated or damaged roof can affect a commercial building’s integrity, energy efficiency, and overall appearance. Our team is dedicated to seamlessly transitioning your property to a new, robust roof that not only enhances its functionality but also elevates its aesthetic appeal. Combining state-of-the-art techniques with high-quality materials, we ensure that commercial spaces receive a roof replacement that offers longevity, safety, and optimal performance. For businesses in need of a fresh roofing start that promises reliability and visual appeal, The Roofing Company remains a trusted ally.



At The Roofing Company, we are specialists in repairing roofs for commercial structures. Recognizing the unique demands and value of business establishments, we prioritize providing efficient, long-lasting solutions. A compromised roof can jeopardize a business’s operations, assets, and even its reputation. With our expertise, we address all roofing issues, from minor leaks to extensive damages, ensuring your commercial building remains protected against the elements. Our team is skilled in blending the latest repair methodologies with traditional craftsmanship, offering repairs that are both effective and durable. For businesses that prioritize the safety and longevity of their infrastructure, The Roofing Company is the go-to choice for top-tier commercial roof repair.


Commercial and industrial roofing services from The Roofing Company, Inc. can be customized to
suit all types of industrial and business structures, including:


Give us a call to receive a free commercial roof repair estimate. We install new commercial roofing as properties are built and also maintain, repair, and replace current commercial buildings. Your company might want to replace older roofing to improve the visual presentation of your location or you might have leaks that make commercial roof repair necessary. Our team will help you choose the best types of commercial roofing, repair leaks in your commercial roof, and ensure that you’ve got a water-tight roof to protect your raw materials, goods, and the building you’ve set up your business in.

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