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Queen Creek Roofing Contractors Serving The Entire East Valley

Queen Creek Roofing Contractor Serving The Entire East Valley

Over 36 Years of Trustworthy, Reliable & Consistent Roofing Services

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    Top-Rated Roofing Contractors Providing Reliable Services In Queen Creek

    Top-Rated Roofing Company Providing Reliable Services Near You

    At The Roofing Company, we are ready to skilled contractors to your Queen Creek property to have any work done on your roof. They will be efficient and courteous while explaining any work that needs to be done. You will love the final results.

    Repairs, Replacements & New Roof Installations Throughout the East Valley

    Roofing Repairs, Replacements & New Installations Valley-Wide

    Professional Repairs & Installations By Queen Creek’s #1 Roofers

    Professional Repairs & Installations by Queen Creek’s #1 Roofing Contractors

    Has something happened to the roof of your Queen Creek property? Not to worry. Our expert contractors can do repairs or installations. Whatever you need to be done, they can do it. They will come to inspect your property to make sure that there are no other underlying problems and then will get to work. Whatever material you want on your roof, they can do it: Tile, Flat & Foam, Shingle Roofing, or even Commercial Roofing. They have years of experience and will do the job efficiently. Do not hesitate to ask them any questions, either – they will gladly answer and explain what needs to be done.

    We Repair And Install Flat & Foam Roofing In Queen Creek

    Flat & Foam Roofing

    This is an inexpensive option that is both durable and can last up to 20 years or more. Our contractors will do an excellent job and you will love the results.

    We Repair And Install Tile Roofing In Queen Creek

    Tile Roofing

    Tile roofing can give your place a unique look. Our contractors are artists when it comes to doing this – they will lay the tiles out perfectly for you. Your Queen Creek roof will look fantastic when they finish.

    We Repair And Install Shingle Roofing In Queen Creek

    Shingle Roofing

    The contractors from The Roofing Company are experts at laying out shingles. They will be pleasing to the eye, with each one of them right next to each other. The results will be worth it.

    We Repair And Install Commercial Roofing In Queen Creek

    Commercial Roofing

    Our trustworthy contractors can do all kinds of roofs, including commercial ones. We can make your business look great. Our prices are very reasonable. The end result will be something professional that you and your customers will like.

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    Cost-Effective Roofing Repairs For Queen Creek Residents

    Cost-Effective Roofing Repairs For Queen Creek Residents

    Financing Available For Our Roofing Services

    We know that having work done on your roof can be a sudden expense. On top of our reasonable rates, we offer financing so that there will not be one sudden strain on your wallet. You will be able to pay things on a schedule that works for you and your finances. That way, you can focus on having your Queen Creek home look great after we finish instead of worrying about what your bank account will look like.

    Experienced Residential & Commercial Roofers

    • A Licensed, Bonded & Insured Roofing Contractor Near You

    • Skilled Roofing Crews For Tile, Foam, Shingle & More!

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    Our Testimonials

    I contacted them to have both mine and my neighbors flat area above the garage coated and to replace my neighbors 2 cement shingles. Shane came out, took pictures and said the areas didn’t need to be coated and he slid her 2 shingles plus 2 of mine back in place. I was very grateful for his honesty! When I do need a roofer, I will definitely use them. Thank you!

    Five Star Rated Roofing Company On Google Maps Recommended Roofing Company On Facebook Top Rated Roofing Company On Yelp
    • Gave a fast estimate for having a roof repair and replacement. It only took 48 hours.
    • They priced along the same lines as competitors but had mostly better roofing material to use.
    • I had a leak and they came out to fix it that very same day.
    • I was impressed at how professional and friendly the crew was. Not only did they do the work in under a week, but they also cleaned up the work site each night.
    Reference photo for Happy Client

    Donna Swanson ★★★★★

    So happy with my new roof!

    Testimonial quote

    Shane was awesome. We replaced the entire roof including adding new tile! Crew did a great job! I would absolutely recommend The Roofing Company!

    Scott O.


    Testimonial quote

    Several years ago The Roofing Company removed about 4 layers of shingles and replaced new ones on our old house. The new roof turned out great The workers seemed very skilled and pleasant to work with. They have earned a roof replacement for our home again when needed.

    Dave H.


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    FAQs About Our Roof Repair Services

    There are a variety of factors that will go into determining how much it will cost to install your Queen Creek roof. Those include what material is needed, how big the roof is, what kind of services are needed, and what kind of pitch and slope your roof is, among other things. You should talk to a contractor to get the best idea of what kind of estimate – they will have had a chance to inspect the roof.

    Yes. We believe in the excellence of our contractors and we stand behind the repair work that they do. If you hire us, any project that we do is 100% warrantied and we guarantee it as a company. Another reason for our confidence in our work is that we use high-quality material to get the job done and our contractors do superior workmanship. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask any questions about warranties – we will gladly answer them.

    Our main goal at The Roofing Company is to help Queen Creek residents get the best results on their roofing work. That means that rather than pledging loyalty to one particular brand, we use what we feel is the highest quality material that will also fit within our customer’s budgets. As a result, they will always get the best job done for the money that they pay. You can ask us any questions that you may have about this decision-making process.

    There are a variety of things that can factor into the cost of a roof repair. For example, is the problem confined to one layer or is there more damage under the roof too? When we send our contractors to your place, they will carefully inspect the place first to ensure that there are no hidden dangers. After they do that, they will tell you what needs to be done. Our rates are very reasonable – another reason why we are so popular.

    We could give a quote over the phone, but you need to bear in mind that there are factors that we could find in a personal inspection that could increase the overall cost. Any initial quote given over the phone can be changed due to that inspection. So please remember that when we explain what the overall roof repair will cost you. It is our goal to give you the most thorough roof repair, after all. We want you to have a safe roof.

    It may vary greatly depending on the season, as many customers prefer to do repairs before or after the rainy season. This is why you should call us as soon as you know that there is an issue with your roof, or even sooner if you have lived there for a while and you know your roof is getting old.

    High Quality Roof Work For Homes And Commercial Properties In Queen Creek

    High-Quality Roof Work
    Near Queen Creek

    • Five-Star Rated Roof Repair Company

    • BBB A+ Accredited Roofing Contractors

    When it comes to roof work, our contractors do an excellent job. They are careful and they do the work professionally. You will love how your place looks when they are finished. Contact us to learn more!

    Servicing The Entire East Valley Community


    Servicing Queen Creek And The Entire East Valley Community
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    Learn More In Our Roofing Blog

    Learn More In Our Roofing Blog
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