How To Get Your Roof Ready For Winter

published Dec 20th, 2022

Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Fall & Winter

Being proactive with roof maintenance before and during the winter season can effectively help building owners reduce excessive utility bills as well as help prevent expensive spring repairs that could be avoided. Roof problems during the winter can result in significant leaks that lead to major internal damage, weakening of the building’s structure, and other costly repairs. In order to protect your commercial building from expensive repairs and damage, take a look at these tips from your Gilbert roofing contractor so that you can prepare your roof for winter.

Roof tiles during the winter in Arizona

Deep Clean The Entire Gutter System

Most building managers think about gutter cleaning as a task that generally should be done in late autumn after all of the leaves have fallen off the nearby trees and ended up inside the gutters. Although late fall can be the perfect time to clean up your commercial building’s gutters, it’s important not to neglect this task at other times throughout the year, too. Gutters are prone to accumulating debris all year round, and that debris can be more than just leaves! Your gutter system’s spouts can collect soot, sand, dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. They can become a haven for bird nests, squirrel nests, rodents, and even termite or ant homes. To protect your commercial building, your Chandler roofing contractor recommends giving your gutters a good deep cleaning each season.

Trim Nearby Tree Limbs

One of the most common ways that roof damage can occur is when tree limbs overhang the roof. That’s why your Gold Canyon roofing contractor recommends trimming all nearby trees regularly. Tree limbs can cause all sorts of problems for your commercial building’s roof:

  • Sap drips on the roof can cause a buildup of various materials, including leaves and branches.
  • Overhanging branches can give pests such as ants, termites, cockroaches, and rodents an easy entrance to your commercial building, where they can cause massive damage.
  • Limbs that hang over your building can break during inclement weather, resulting in serious damage to your roof and the building’s interior.
  • Tree branches that are near your building can complicate the installation of solar panels, radio antennae, air conditioning units, and other essential utilities

When you trim back tree limbs before they reach your roof, you’ll increase the longevity of your roof, reduce roof repair expenses, and prevent a host of complications for your building.

Get Your Attic Inspected

In order for your roof to provide the maximum benefits for your building and prevent the loss of expensive heating and cooling, ask your Phoenix roofing contractor to inspect the attic and its insulation. Your building’s attic insulation should meet state and local building standards and be replaced if it starts to decline. Poorly insulated roofs result in expensive heating and cooling losses. The small cost of having your commercial building’s attic inspected will be quickly repaid as your energy bills stay low during the winter and summer months.

Take A Look At Your Roof’s Flashing

Winter roof maintenance actually begins months before winter weather, during the summer and autumn. The intense heat of Arizona’s summers puts the resiliency of your roofing materials to the test, especially when it comes to sealants around flashing, ventilation, pipes, and roof edges. Extreme heat, high winds, hailstorms, and other weather elements can cause damage to sealants, resulting in the misalignment of flashing that leaves your roof and attic vulnerable to serious damage. Even very small chips or cracks can result in major damage. Schedule your roof inspection with a Scottsdale roofing contractor after severe weather events and before winter hits.

Watch For Signs Of A Leaky Roof

Some signs of a leaking roof are obvious, such as water dripping inside the building or water staining on the ceiling. However, most indicators of a leaky roof are much more subtle and may not immediately be associated with damage to the roof or gutter system. They include signs such as:

  • Persistent moisture around doors, windows, and other openings
  • Unusually high levels of humidity
  • Attic odors
  • Shingles that are detached, cracked, missing, curled, or showing other signs of damage
  • Discoloration under the soffits
  • Roof buckling
  • Water spots on the roof
  • Problems with ventilation

If you observe any of these signs of a leaky roof in your commercial building, it’s time to call your Tempe roofing contractor to prevent problems in the winter.

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