How To Find a Roof Leak In 5 Easy Steps

published Dec 15th, 2021

Arizona Roofing Contractors Share Roof Repair Tips For Potential Leaks

Having a roof leak can be very stressful if it goes unfixed for too long. Even the smallest one can damage your home and lead to mold growth, which is very disgusting and also dangerous to your health. Luckily, locating the source of the roof leak is not as difficult as it seems, especially if you follow professional advice.

A high-rated Phoenix roofing contractor shares here five steps to find your roof leak easily so that you can get it repaired immediately.

Roofing Contractors Share Roof Repair Tips For Potential Leaks In Mesa, AZ

Step 1: Check The First Signals Of a Roof Leak

The very first sign of a roof leak is usually the sound of dripping water, but it’s not the only one. There are other significant signs to prove if there’s a roof leak at home and not a soft rain outside. These are:

  • Musty odors in some rooms.
  • Water stains on your roofing.
  • Spots or stains on exterior walls.
  • Deformed or missing shingles.

Any of these signals may indicate a possible leak. Sadly, these signals do not tell you where exactly the leak is, so you have to go a bit deeper with the investigation. You can also get a Gilbert roof repair by contacting a professional, which is often the best alternative to get the problem solved quickly.

Step 2: Take a Look At Your Attic

The second step is to grab a flashlight and move up into your attic, but be careful where you step to avoid damaging your ceiling. While checking your attic, be sure to look for water stains, mold, or even dark marks along with the roof sheathing.

If you don’t have an attic space, check your roof first to see if there’s any sign of damage. If you rent an apartment or own a unit that’s part of a condominium, then talk to your landlord or property manager. They will contact a Chandler roofing company to fix the roof leak.

Small water stains can also be caused by uncovered nails. When dampness from the floors meets the cold air up in the attic, it concentrates on the nail at night, and then it melts during the day when the temperature is warmer. To fix this, you can clip the nail below the head with some pliers.

Step 3: Use a Garden Hose To Make It Rain!

If you cannot find the roof leak yet, then it’s time to make it rain!

Ask a friend, family member, or neighbor for help so that they can stay inside the house near the spot you first saw the leak. Then, climb up your roof with a garden hose and soak one section at a time. Have your helper shout as soon as they see a drip.

Move from one area to another to narrow down the source of the leak. If your helper sees a drip, but cannot find the exact point, tear up shingles in the suspected area. This way, you’ll quickly find proof formed as water stains or rotting wood.

Step 4: Repair What You Can

It’s always better to hire a Phoenix roofing company to get your roof repaired quickly. However, there are many possible fixes you can do yourself if you have the tools. For example:

Replace Deformed Shingles

If the leak comes from a damaged shingle, you can pull the nail out by keeping it in place and scraping up the remaining roof cement. Then, take a new roof shingle, apply fresh cement and nail the replacement shingle over the uncovered area.

Apply Caulk Around Ducts, Window Edges & Chimneys

If you see a leak near any of these, replace the caulk around the flashing to fill in any gaps that may have opened up.

Fix Plumbing Roof Vents

Damaged roof vents can let a lot of water in, so be sure to fix them. You can find replacements at any specialized store. However, you may only need to replace the screws with elastic ones if your existing roof vent is in good condition.

Step 5: Call a Professional Mesa Roof Contractor!

If the problem is more complicated, and a simple DIY is not enough to solve it, then call a professional as soon as you can. They are the best to identify the exact spot of your roof leak as well as its extension. This way, they can also provide repair estimates, which can include replacing roof flashing or installing heat cables.

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