5 Common Flat Roofing Problems & How To Fix Them

published Nov 30th, 2022

How To Manage Flat Roof Problems

When was the last time you checked your flat roof? If it was more than a few months ago, maybe you should check it ASAP to see if it doesn’t have any problem already. Fortunately, you may find some of the following common issues and solve them on time.

However, sometimes the problem is too big and you need a pro on your side. Regardless of the situation, you should never ignore your flat roof, especially if you want to avoid reroofing too soon.

You can avoid most flat roofing problems if you choose a skilled and qualified Mesa roofing contractor to install your roof. You should also use the best materials for your roof, and plan regular inspections and maintenance to prevent minor concerns from becoming major ones. 

Either way, check this list with our top 5 of the most common flat roofing problems to know how to fix them.

Flat Roof In AZ

1. Water Ponding On Flat Roofs

Due to their poor drainage compared to pitched roofs, flat roofs frequently generate ponding water, which is defined as water that remains in a puddle on a roof for 48 hours or more. 

The problem only arises if the water is left there for an extended period because this might start to put stress on the membrane and lead it to start breaking down.

Additionally, the ponding water may cause leaks due to the membrane’s excessive tension, which permits moisture to enter the roof structure.

How To Manage Ponding Water On Your Roof

The easiest strategy to combat ponding water is to be proactive and keep the roof in good condition. It’s crucial to clean your gutters and drains and to get rid of any blockages as soon as possible. Additionally, your roof must be properly installed, and the only way to accomplish that is by making sure the Chandler roofing contractor is skilled and qualified.

Another method is to place patches over a small ponding area. It works as a simple and quick repair to avoid future water buildup. 

2. Blistering Roof

Blistering develops on your flat roof when small pockets of air or moisture become trapped beneath the membrane or between layers of the membrane. This situation worsens when the sun warms the roof because the air or moisture pockets expand and stretch the membrane.

How To Fix Roof Blisters

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t worry too much about the blistering as long as they remain intact. Keep a close eye on them so you can replace or repair them if they pop. 

You can fix blisters by removing the damaged material up to the point where it is still firmly fastened to the roof. Reapply the new membrane material, stretching it at least six inches past the blister’s edge to stop leakage.

3. Alligatoring on Flat Roofs

If you’ve thought about alligators, you already have an idea. Alligatoring is the cracking of a coating or surfacing bitumen on a flat roof with a pattern resembling an alligator’s hide. Water, trash, or prolonged sun exposure may cause it.

Without a reliable Paradise Valley roofing company, this issue may worsen over time. The cracks can split and allow water to enter the roofing, leading to leaks, moisture, and additional damage to your house.

How To Repair Alligatoring On Roofs?

One remedy for alligatoring is to coat the roof with fresh paint. You should clean the roof first, removing loose debris, dust, and filth. Once you do that, apply a primer and the coating once the primer dries. 

4. Buckle In The Roofing Membrane

Houses shift and settle slightly over time, which implies that the roofing membrane (located between the house and the roof) does as well. 

In most situations, the membrane is a single sheet, so the movement may cause it to buckle. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward repair for this, so you’ll need to call in a specialist to solve the situation promptly.

5. Thermal Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations can cause the roofing material to expand and shrink, which is relatively common. Nevertheless, you must keep an eye on this because constant expansion and contraction can weaken the roof and cause leaks. This thermal movement can also affect the flashing, causing it to gradually peel away from the borders of your roof, creating space for moisture infiltration.

What’s The Best Solution To Fix Thermal Fluctuations?

Your Mesa roofing contractor must guarantee a proper installation. Additionally, you must have good-quality flashing and roofing materials. Lastly, don’t forget maintenance! It is a crucial step when taking care of your flat roof.

Contact A Mesa Roofing Contractor On Time

Although these problems have some DIY solutions, it’s always better to contact the experts. Plus, you should never overlook maintenance if you want to keep your flat roof in perfect condition for more than a decade. 

At The Roofing Company INC, we can help you install your roof with the best service and with high-quality materials. Whether you prefer a flat roof or shingles, we’re ready to help! Call us now to request a quote and get started!



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