Curling & Buckling Shingles: Why It Happens & How To Fix Them

published Jun 10th, 2022

Fixing Your Roof Shingles Before They Become Dangerous  

Has your roof started curling and buckling? If so, you’re not alone. More than half of homeowners will have this problem at some point in their lifetime. It’s not a sign that the roof will fail immediately, but sometimes it can indicate your roof will be dangerous soon.

Curling, buckling, and warping are just a few problems that homeowners have with their shingles. Sadly, curling shingles can create cracks that eventually spread across the roof. These defects cause leaks, which are prone to occur because of heavy rainfalls and windstorms.

If you want to know why it happens and how to solve it before contacting the Mesa roofing contractor, continue reading below. 

Fixing Your Roof Shingles Before They Become Dangerous In Arizona

Why Do I Have Curling And Buckling Shingles On My Roof?

Arizona’s extreme heat, along with the effects of frequent thunderstorms during the monsoon season, affects shingles, making it more necessary for homeowners to keep an eye on their roofs. The most common damage for shingles is curling and buckling, which are usually signals of major issues with the roof. 

Curling and buckling shingles often occur because of the moisture of your roof decking. 

Buckling shingles appear when they are pushed upward from beneath, so it can happen because of a lack of insulation or poor ventilation. Improper installation is also a common cause.

Curling shingles are different from buckling shingles because they have turned up edges, making the shingle look like a concave shape. Curling can happen because of poor quality materials or usual wear and tear. Like buckling, it also affects the appearance of your roof, and not in a good way. 

You can tell spot either problem by looking at your roof from the ground. However, you should not ignore the signs, especially if there was a recent thunderstorm in your area. At the first sign of curling or buckling shingles, you should contact a Chandler roofing company.

Most Common Causes


This is the most common cause of buckling and curling shingles. It can be a consequence of your shingles absorbing too much moisture in the roof decking during an installation or another process. Not to mention that it can happen after heavy rain or storms because your shingles accumulate a lot of water.

Unwanted moisture can make the shingles buckle and curl. The absorption of moisture by the felt underlayment can also cause buckling because it pushes the shingles up. 

Arizona may be a warm state, but its extreme heat and storms can cause a lot of unwanted moisture. Without proper ventilation, that moist air trapped in the attic can make your shingles curl or buckle. As you can guess, this lack of airflow can also allow mold to thrive and rot the roof. 

The summer is another reason why moisture is such a big problem. In the hottest months of the year, your air conditioner works harder, causing a lot of wear and tear, which can be troublesome if you have poor attic ventilation. That improper airflow will make your roof wear out quickly, making the shingles curl, and putting your house at risk. 

Wrong Installation

A trusted Chandler roofing company should know how to properly install a roof. However, some contractors do not follow the specifications needed for a successful installation, and that causes many troubles.

One of those causes is roof buckling or curling. When the roof installer doesn’t use the right amount of nails per shingle or puts the nails wrongly, the shingles loosen. In the end, these shingles pull up from the roof and end up curling or buckling.

Your roof can also curl or buckle if the roofer doesn’t align the tar lines properly. In some cases, the shingles may even fall off.

Many Layers Of Roofing

Some homeowners decide to install a new roof atop the current. That’s not a typical recommendation from professional roofers because it is only a cost-saving method that can cause more damage over time. In the worst case, you may have to pay more for repairs than what you spent on the extra layers of roofing. 

The second layer of shingles is less safe than the first layer, so buckling or curling may occur. 

How To Fix Them

The sad reality is there’s no quick and easy fix for buckling and curling shingles. For most homeowners, the best solution is to contact a Paradise Valley roofing company.

If this problem only happens in a small area of your roof, you may need a simple roof repair. But, in most cases, curling shingles indicate you need a roof replacement. 

You should not try a DIY solution, it’s always best to call a professional.

Contacting A Trusted Company For A Successful Mesa Roof Replacement

If you notice buckling or curling shingles, The Roofing Company is ready to help you with a professional inspection and the best repairs to ensure your home is well-protected. Our professionals can guide you in the best solution take for the long term. Contact us now to see what we can do to help you get a nice roof again. 


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